Our Process

Agile Marketing and Design Solutions


Emphasizing the production of on-time and on-budget deliverables through flexibility and short intense sprints.



Learn About Your Company
Define Marketing Objectives
Financial Analysis
Define Deadlines



Market Research
A Gathering of the Minds
Create Marketing Plan
Finalize Plan for Approval



Campaign Launch
Monitor Data Feedback
Analyze Data Points
Optimize Marketing Campaign

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Review Date Feedback
Identify Innovation Points
Create Analysis
Integrate Innovation Plan


How We Build Brands Like Yours

We Take Immense Pride in Being the Idea Makers and Implementers for Our Clients.



We first get to know you and your company. We want to understand your challenges, needs and the essence of what makes your business unique. There is no hidden formula. It just depends on the research needed and size of the company. This usually entails a series of phone calls, one-on-ones, video chats, questionnaires and interviews.

Research & Strategy

Our goal with every project is to ensure we help build a brand in the hearts and minds of your users. In order to do this we conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis. We answer questions like What benefits does Client provide to its users? How does Client make itself indispensable to its users?What is Client’s unique role and relevance in the marketplace, and how do we make that sustainable?



Whether we’re building the next big application or the next big marketing campaign – we ensure we’re always testing and validating our ideas as we move forward. We value: testing data over opinions and conventions, many small experiments over a few big bets, collaboration over silos and hierarchy. This agile approach helps us get to the best results possible for our clients faster.


Your dedicated account manager will hold bi-weekly phone calls to discuss current status and project progress. Space Chimp Media will report on the progress of the campaign at the end of each week and address action items for both parties. Apart from reports submitted by your account manager, each client is provided with a real-time metrics dashboard to monitor the success of there campaigns.



We’re literally obsessed with collecting data. Its this data that we gather, that we use to optimize your project. We use technology like A/B Testing, Surveys, Heatmaps, Intelligent Advertising Platforms, and push that data to a centralized dashboard hub that allows our strategist to provide strategic optimization and provides the client with a heart beat of their marketing campaign or software data.

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