About Us

Integrated Internet Marketing &

eCommerce Management Agency Austin, TX

What We Do

Space Chimp Media is an Austin, TX based integrated online marketing  firm specializing in e-commerce websites, online marketing consulting, and business development solutions for online entrepreneurs.

Why We Are Different Than Other Companies

Specialists. Gurus. Artists. Magicians. Mad scientists. Innovators. We’ve heard theme all, but when it comes to describing who we are and what we do, our favorite has got to be “Common Sense Geniuses.” When it comes to our businesses or our clients, we take immense pride in being idea makers, implementers and support team.

Launching a successful online business or strategy (and making sure it stays successful) isn’t as much an art as it is a science, and the dedicated team at Space Chimp Media has got the solution for you. With the right mix of eCommerce solutions, graphic design, advanced marketing practices and up-to-date social media strategies, Space Chimp Media’s custom approach to online marketing and 15 years collective experience is your ticket to increased traffic, improved conversion rates and higher ROI for you and your business.

Founded in 2010, Space Chimp Media takes pride in being a one-stop shop for online success. We’re not just a “design firm,” or “search marketing company.” We’re an interactive agency whose most valuable asset is our people.

Our online business efforts are driven by four core principles:

  • Conversions and click-throughs don’t buy your products or services … people do!
  • Don’t expect visitors to do something that you wouldn’t do.
  • If you can’t figure it out, they won’t either.
  • Common sense ideas are often the most innovative and creative.

Who We Are

Led by serial entrepreneur, Charles Haggas, the Space Chimp Media team is an uber creative, close-knit group of experts in eCommerce, web design, usability, pay per click, search marketing, technology, online behavior, and social media. We are all driven by the same passion that drives the company: meet the needs of people, and ultimately you will meet the needs of your business.

We ventured into eCommerce and consulting the way many people do – by starting our own online stores. But for us, simply having an online store wasn’t enough. We wanted more traffic. We wanted more conversions. We wanted increased sales. So we studied and tested and built and designed and tested some more. Today, we share everything we’ve learned over the years with our valued clients. You benefit from our knowledge. You learn from our trials and errors. You can count on us to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of Internet retailing through education, innovation, and perseverance. It’s why we can say with confidence that our expertise delivers the results you’re looking for—every time.

Want in on a little secret?

Creating an effective online presence is NOT rocket science. It’s not easy either, but it’s what we do. The processes involved are constantly changing. Between web visitor whims and Google trends, we remain on our toes. In spite of the ever evolving face of the web, we have a creative process that can be repeated time and again with predictable, controlled results. Our creative process strips away all the complexities, allowing us to communicate efficiently and to deliver maximum results.

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