Why Choose Us

What Makes us Different than Other Digital Marketing Companies?


Transparent monthly reporting:

Dont let other companies get in between you and your customers. With Space Chimp Media, customers* find you directly on the search engines not through a lead generation company or a directory that includes a bunch of your competitors as well.


Dedicated account manager:

No matter your marketing budget, all Space Chimp Media clients get a dedicated expert account manager who will be the main point of contact during the length of the campaign.


Creative marketing solutions:

Packaged marketing plans aren’t going to cut it forever. Our team of creative and marketing professionals put together high impact marketing campaigns that help you stand out.


One stop shop for all your online marketing needs:

Space Chimp Media specializes in creative digital marketing that converts. We learned along time ago that our clients simply need more to take things to the next level. Whether you need video, design, PR outreach or engagement our goal is to create a complete digital presence integrated across multiple marketing channels.


We bring the masses to you:

Our team specializes in high impact marketing campaigns targeted at generating buzz to large volumes of users online. If you’re looking to get so much traffic your servers shut down you’ve come to the right place.


Increase your conversions and loyalty:

Driving a large of amount of targeted users to your website or landing page is only half the battle. Our design and usability experts build technologies that drive more phone calls, contact submissions, and overall engagement for your brand.


No hidden fees:

Each client has a set contract. There are never any extra charges billed to you without your written approval. With Space Chimp Media, your return on investment grows over time as the benefits of our marketing efforts accumulate and your costs related to maintaining your brand’s awareness remain stable and predictable.


Simple six month agreement:

Unlike the competition, we dont believe in extreme long-term contracts that dont account for performance. We will deliver a service that only gets better over time.


Experienced company with great staff:

With the knowledge gained from years of marketing businesses across hundreds of industries, we are able to meet and often times exceed the goals of your marketing campaign. Old school marketing companies charge 10 to 100 times more than Space Chimp Media because they’re caught up in what use to work. We know which marketing techniques are the most effective at what time.