Social Media Marketing Services

Word of Mouth Referrals are 500x More Effective than Traditional Advertising

It’s Word of Mouth 2.0

Yesterday’s TV commercial has been replaced by something much more powerful. Sites like Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter allow everyday people to interact with, influence, and impact potentially millions of others. And whether bad or good, news travels fast.

The emergence of Social Media will change the way you brand, market, and share the message about your products and services. Are you ready?

Need Help Getting The Most Out of sites like: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ustream? We’ve directly generated millions of fans and advocated for our clients through our creative social media campaigns. Contact us to learn more and to find out how we can drive social buzz around your brand.

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Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing
Space Chimp Media markets your business through a Facebook Fan Page. Facebook fan pages, enable users to interact with your business in many different ways and turn consumers into brand advocates. Leverage the power of word of mouth recommendations and maximize the opportunity for viral distribution.

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Brand Security

brand security
Owning your name on 300 Social media sites not only makes it easier for people to find you or your business online it also works as a social media identity insurance, protecting you from name squatting and identity fraud, minimizing risk to your brand.

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Reputation Mgmt.

reputation management
Every single day, someone, somewhere is discussing something important about your business, your brand, your executives, your competitors, and your industry. Do you know what they are saying? Are they hyping-up your company, building buzz for your products? Or, are they criticizing your services?

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Social Media Viral Campaigns
An effective social media campaign has the ability to attract and engage visitors in a way that organic search results and paid advertising cannot. An effective social media strategy is focused on attracting visitors to relevant two-way conversations that drive word-of-mouth buzz. We help craft and amplify your message through creative campaigns that resonates throughout the digital world.

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Social Media Strategy and Consulting
The social media landscape, tools and trends change daily. It can be hard to keep up. Not sure where to start? We’ll be your guide and help you develop a strategy that’s best for your brand.

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Online Community Management
Properly connecting you directly with your online audience helps you increase your visibility, improve credibility and generate demand and sales. Are people talking about your company? If so, what are they saying? If not, why not? Get a conversation started about your business today.

social content development

Content Development and Curation
Not much activity in your community? We identify the kinds of content your fans are responsive to (and when they’re most responsive) then deliver a custom monthly editorial calendar that adds value and inspires action.

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Social Media Advertising
Space Chimp Media helps amplify your voice on social media through engaging advertising campaigns. By targeting and segmenting your customer base we ensure highly targeted advertising to fulfill your corporate objectives. Drive traffic to your website or build a community around your product on social media with data-driven strategies by our team of Social Media gurus and watch your sales grow.

Our approach produces measurable results.

You may be wondering if it’s really a good idea for your brand to outsource your social media efforts or partner with a social media agency. Our clients certainly think so. The numbers explain why.

On average, after 6 months:

  • Community sizes grew 600%+
  • Interactions increased 1,500%+
  • Brand visibility via content impressions increased 3,000%+


If you can dream it, we can create it. Or, if you need some social guidance, our internal creative team can help spark your next big idea.


An innovative social media campaign means nothing if it is not executed and followed through properly. Let the experts launch and manage your social media campaigns.


We work one on one with the best social media reporting companies in the country so that you can get he best insights possible from your campaigns.

Creative Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Create Buzz, Increase Brand Loyalty, and Nurture New Customers

Social media sites like facebook, twitter, and instagram are here to stay. Collectively their user base represents more then half the population of the world. Now a days it's not about whether you should market your business here its about how do you market here. Is the content you are creating really compelling? Have you had thousands of users flock to your social media sites in a matter of hours? Give us a call and see how we can drive the masses to your brand.


  • Viral Campaigns to Grow Awareness.
  • ROI Driven Social Ad Campaigns.
  • Affective Brand Management.
  • Engaging Social Media Account Management.
  • 24/7 Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Multi-channel Social Media Campaigns.
  • Grow your repeat customer base.
  • Greater customer insight through social media reporting and monitoring tools.