About the Company

Quiksilver is not just a brand but the name for a family of brands. Each symbolizes the sports it represents and provides people with a connection to the outdoors, beyond sport-related equipment and apparel into everyday sportswear and accessories. Apart from its own retail business, Quiksilver is the the parent company of Roxy, DC shoes, Hawk, and many other extreme sports related brands.

About The Project

In conjunction with, our team facilitated a cross promotion campaign with Quiksilver Eyewear segment in an attempt to grow their eyewear business and to bring attention to this product through word of mouth referrals.

How We Did It

We created a facebook contest application which enabled users to share stories of their summer vacations. Best story by a man or woman won. We fostered increased engagement through advertising, social networking of the contests, announcements, and user engagement. Through this campaign we created immediate buzz about the new Quiksilver eyewear line as well as generating long-term marketability opportunities to the Quiksilver team.


  1. New Likes: 10,000 in 1 month
  2. Facebook Impressions: 5 Million
  3. Social Mentions: 25,000
  4. New Units Sold: 550



Facebook Marketing

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