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About The Company

AP Mobile is an award-winning news app that works on all smart phones and tablet devices currently in the market. The app includes breaking U.S. and International news, plus local stories from 1200+ newspapers. Readers can also choose, and share the news they want, from essential categories like U.S. news, world news, sports, politics, business and entertainment. The app also includes the best of award-winning photos, videos and rich multi-media coverage.

About the Project

Space Chimp Media was tasked with aiding the launch of V 5 of the new AP mobile app. Since the app was going to be one of the most innovative news apps to hit the market it was only fitting we added a little innovation to the marketing campaign. Our team reached out to big time influencers to get the word out with a number of successes and call backs from guys like Robert Scoble. If that wasn’t enough we concepted and created the AP Mobile booth at SXSW in conjunction with a national ad campaign.

How we Did It

Through PR outreach, Event Marketing and Mobile advertising efforts that leveraged the AP mobile’s innovation we were able to achieve top 10 rankings and home page features for the app in over 100 countries. In a matter of days we tripled the number of downloads the app was getting before the launch.


  1. Total Downloads: 250,000+ in 3 months
  2. Total Video Views: 100,000 in 3 days
  3. Ad reach: 25 countries, 100 Million Impressions
  4. Rankings: Top 10 in News, Featured App of the Week, What’s Hot
  5. Press Pickups: Mashable, TechCrunch, Huffington Post



Mobile App Marketing, PR and Buzz Marketing, Advertising

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