Mobile App UI/UX Design Services

We don’t Create User Interfaces We Create User Experiences

Our creative team has the insight and know how to break the boundaries of design trends. We don’t just create beautiful user interfaces, we create trust and buzz about your brand through breath taking design. We follow proven design processes to turn around your project fast without sacrificing beauty. Using interactive mockups and other important design tools we ensure your developers get everything they need for success.

Design Matters

It seems simple, but how many of us would take our software user interfaces and display them on the walls as art? You see, were not just building software. Were building truly stunning software. We dont build User Interfaces. We build User Experiencesimmersive, engaging and sticky experiences that sustain the needs of passionate users. We make software more productive, simple, approachable and fun. We admit… these are not words that most people would use to describe real software running high-impact businesses.

At Space Chimp Media your app starts here. Our approach is a realization that design and experience are not afterthoughts. It is a user-centric approach to enterprise software development that starts with the user, how they work, and what helps them to work better. Your software doesnt start as long-winded, lifeless documents and requirements. It starts as user personas, storyboards, wireframes and pixel-perfect designs. It starts as great design.

If your software started with design, imagine:

  • Knowing exactly what your software would look like not in months but in days from concept.
  • Being able to show management and investors your next version months earlier than theyd ever believe.
  • Being able to sell your software earlier and, frankly, easier than ever before.

Design Approach and Process

Built on years of developing mobile applications, we live and breathe serious rich mobile app interfaces. From Discovery to Deployment, our team leverages the industrys most respected best practices. Small teams, full-time employees, incredible offices with wide-open collaborative spaces, a disciplined source control, build and test methodology mixed with an agile, iterative approach; it is obvious immediately that Space Chimp Media is not just making pretty pictures. This is real software engineering. Thats why companies from startups to market leaders are working every day with Space Chimp Media to build the software that is the heart and soul of their futures.

Drop us a line and let’s talk about your ideas.