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Better Apps + More Downloads = A Huge Success

Space Chimp Media prides itself on being a pioneer for premium mobile app solutions. We’ve been working with app developers from the launch of the appstore to provide marketing and development solutions that drive real value for app owners. Do you have a brilliant idea for an app or already have an existing app? Our team can turn your unique vision into a reality. Whether you need help with design, development, or marketing we can scale any service to fit your needs. Unlike most companies we look at your app as an individual entity and provide a solution that is right for you and your budget.

Solutions for Agencies, Brands and Startups

Space Chimp Media creates scalable strategies that can work for startups and brands alike. No matter how innovative your app is, if no one knows about it it’s worthless. Adversely, your app will never get a mass following if it crashes and its confusing to use. The dichotomy has driven the solutions we offer to app businesses around the world.

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Mobile App Marketing

mobile app marketing

You need to get your application in front of consumers where it matters to monetize it. Space Chimp Medias Mobile app Marketing Services help you execute a perfect launch and develop continued growth for your app through an affective marketing campaign.

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Mobile App UI Design

Mobile App UI Design

Design Matters. It seems simple, but how many of us would take our software user interfaces and display them on the walls as art? We dont build User Interfaces. We build User Experiencesimmersive, engaging and sticky experiences that sustain the needs of passionate users.

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Mobile App Dev.

Mobile App Development

Space Chimp Media has a proven track record in developing and customizing mobile applications for clients all over the world. Our expertise includes multiple mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Productive, engaging software applications for apps.

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Create a Viable App Strategy that Will Continue to Reward Time and Time Again

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Effective app marketing means more then sending out a press release. You need to build buzz and target users directly on their mobile devices. We know what works and what doesn't. That's why were so confident in our marketing strategies and ensuring we get prime real estate for our clients in the app store.

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Insight from App Industry Gurus
Space Chimp Media has been on the forefront of developing creative app marketing strategies that work since the inception of the app store. In fact Space Chimp Media and most of its clients are direct partners of Apple. We have the inside scoop because we actually know the guys on the inside.

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Stand Out From The Crowd
We know that "Buzz Marketing" has become a buzz word but its not just a buzz word to us. Our team prides itself in creating messages and creative assets to drive word-of-mouth referrals for our clients. We're experts in creative thinking and we're confident that you will immediately see how our strategies bring so much more value then most of our competition.

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We Get It Right the First Time
Its important that you have a budget left after development to put money into getting your app noticed. That's why our UI Design experts get your app right the first time. We look at ourselves as your partner and want you to succeed just as bad as you do. We don't just build apps. We build user-immersive experiences that are so innovative there buzz worthy in itself.

Research and Discovery

Before we start marketing you will be required to fill out an in depth questionnaire which evaluates your business and your needs. We get you thinking and asking questions about things that you typically may have never thought of before. After the questionnaire is filled out you will go over the details during an initial discovery call with your account manager. The goal of this process to ensure we understand your product and your market so we can drive the most optimal business to your new or existing app.

Design and Development

Get your app designed by masters in UI design and usability. After the app has been designed we then send it to development. With developers both here in Texas and outside the country we can assure 24 hour development cycles on your product for quick turnaround.

We aim to:

  • Make the best app possible
  • Never miss deadlines
  • Get your app noticed by customers and influencers

Two Pronged Marketing Approach

Our marketing approach is targeted to build word of mouth buzz around your app and to get your app in front users directly on their mobile devices. Traditional marketing simply doesn't work for Mobile Apps. That's why its important to hire marketing experts who specialize in mobile app marketing strategies. Don't waste your money on packages and agencies with no app marketing experience. Do what works! We can prove it.

This isn't your typical boring Mobile App Marketing.

Unlike our competitors we take app marketing to the next level by adding a twist of creativity. We get people talking about your app with creative messaging, infographics and other creative assets that are easily transferable online or in the real world.

Reduce costs, Stand Out from The Crowd, And Fuel Downloads for Your App

When you have a partner that has pioneered the mobile app industry like Space Chimp Media you get a lot of perks.


  • Reduce your development costs when you get things right the first time.
  • Top notch design and branding provides your app credibility and helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Exposure within the app store means more reviews, downloads and word of mouth referals.
  • Marketing an app takes more then sending out a press release or submitting your app for review. We take our time to review your app and collaborate to find a creative way to generate buzz.