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Mobile App Marketing - User Acquisition Model

Acquire More Users for Your Mobile App

When app developers demand more from their app marketing agency, they choose us.

Having an innovative productivity, news, social networking, or gaming application is simply not enough these days. You need to get your application in front of consumers where it matters to monetize it. Space Chimp Media’s Mobile App Marketing Services help you execute a perfect launch and develop continued growth for your app through an effective marketing campaign. We employ proven-strategies to help your app stand out from other mobile applications in the market.

At Space Chimp Media, we engage in application marketing for only iPhone and Android apps. Our understanding of these app store environments and ranking algorithms help us guide you in the best possible ways to market your mobile applications.

We pride ourselves in specializing in Innovative App Marketing Strategies that ensure you receive the best results from your marketing dollars.

Store Optimization

We’ll increase your organic ranking within the app store to garner more real estate in search listings. Just like Google SEO is important for online businesses to acquire targeted new customers – app store SEO helps you reach the users that are actively looking for apps just like yours. Track results each week with reporting sent directly to your inbox.


Through tested results driven buzz marketing strategies that drive downloads for mobile apps – Space Chimp Media will create viral buzz and sharing around your app to create mass awareness and appeal. Our team of experts leverage social media, press outreach, and creative advertising to create a cohesive strategy that fits your brand.

Mobile Advertising

The most direct way to reach your customers are directly on their mobile devices. With our mobile advertising service you only have to install one SDK to leverage the entire app advertising ecosystem. We not only manage your ad spend, we implement a patented strategy that drastically increases your rankings.

Create Buzz Through Creativity

In order to stand out among the hundreds of apps launched each day, its imperative you utilize creative messaging and outreach to help your app stand out in the crowd. We help create an effective story around your launch and flex our creative muscles with award winning creative campaigns to kick start word-of-mouth for your app.

Leverage Our Database of 1.4 Million Influencers, Writers, Editors

Effective outreach is more then sending a press release. Space Chimp Media helps you get your message directly to the inboxes of the people that matter to you. With our hand currated list of milions of influencers, you can be assured we can get your marketing message to the people that matter most to your business.

Advertise on over 50+ Million Ad Networks

No more installing multiple SDKs to launch a mobile ad campaign for your app. Space Chimp Media helps you utilize a one SDK tracking model to leverage the entire app advertising ecosystem. Once your tracking is installed we manage, optimize and throttle your app budget to drive users to your app and drastically boost your apps rankings.

App Explainer Videos

Our team of creative video experts help you create a 60 - 90 second explainer video which can be utilized in a number of ways. Embed on your site, send with press material, or use at your next investor pitch and watch the effectiveness of your messaging double. You will work with a dedicated team of video experts to create a masterpiece of video explanation/showcasing for your mobile app.

Top-notch Consulting from Mobile Industry Experts

We understand that creating a successful business around your mobile app takes more than getting new users. Our clients reach out to us to for help with monetization strategies, conversion optimization, user testing, market analysis, brand strategy and more. Lean on the go-to-guys of mobile apps to turn a "good" app into a "great" business.

Mobile Application Marketing Process

Our mobile app marketing process starts with a one on one consultation with our marketing strategists to get a clear understanding of your app and your marketing goals. Afterwards, we start our deep analysis process which includes analysis of your app, market research of comparable competitors, and market viability. After a thorough study of your app and the market we develop a Unique Selling Point (USP) for your app. Finally, we then frame your marketing plan around our research and your USP. Each client has a dedicated account manager that you can count on to execute your campaign and drive your app user acquisition.


At this phase of the campaign we will define the campaign messaging, put together a campaign timeline and editorial calendar and solidify the overall campaign strategy. Furthermore, our design and video production team will be putting together visual elements to support the overall campaign.


During the pre-launch phase, our team will work with the client's team to setup a lead capture funnel on various web portals. These leads will be remarketed to throughout the pre-launch phase and prompted to download the app on launch. Secondly, we will reach out to select influencerers we have in our rolodex to begin to drive buzz from high level writers and editors. We willl work with these influencers to right articles, and release review video of the application. Thirdly, we will setup all event promotions and partnerships during this phase as well which will be leveraged during the launch phase.


On launch we will support the official release of the application. This is where we send out the official press release, start mobile advertising, and drive awareness through digital means. We will kickoff the buzz marketing aspect of the campaign as well in this phase.


The post-launch phase is a time to reflect. How can we improve on what we are doing? What are we doing really well that we can take advantage of? These are the questions we will ask throughout this phase of the campaign. Apart from the deeper analysis, we will continue to execute the strategy set forth.

Guaranteed Top Rankings in the App Store!

Space Chimp Media employs a series of advanced integrated marketing strategies to help clients achieve popularity among users and break into the top 50 - 100 app store positions. Our strategies will get you guaranteed inclusion in app review sites and in top positions within the iTunes or Android mobile app store. Can your marketing team say that?

Just Some of The App Marketing Services we Provide

  1. Pre-launch campaign to create anticipation about app
  2. Post-launch campaigns via mobile, social networks, videos, etc.
  3. In-app advertising with mobile app partners
  4. Unique and creative animated mobile app video
  5. App review site submission and coverage
  6. PR outreach to our database of 1.4 Million press contacts
  7. PR buzz marketing and link baiting
  8. Mobile advertising on popular ad networks (TapJoy, AdMob, iAd)
  9. Paid advertising on targeted websites
  10. Creative social media marketing and updates
  11. Strategic promotional sweepstakes and contests
  12. Application analysis and competitive research
  13. App description writing and optimization
  14. Suggestions for new app upgrades based on user feedback
  15. Maintaining and Monitoring communication stream with users to ensure app engagement
  16. Search Engine Optimization and content development
  17. FREE full custom reporting for every marketing campaign