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Make Videos That Compel Users to Take Action

Build Word of Mouth Buzz and Captivate Customers with Engaging High End Video

The Space Chimp Media Video Creation Process is comprehensive, scalable and effective. We offer Video Production to brands and retailers seeking a solution to build buzz and better explain their product or service. Our production service ensures you have the exact online video content you need at a reasonable price. Unlike some of our competitors we don’t cut corners to reduce cost. If you want better videos than the other guy you’ve come to the right place.

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Animated Video

animated video
You need people to understand how your product or service works within 10 seconds before they leave your website. Space Chimp Media works with you to take your company message and create a powerful animated marketing video that will engage viewers.

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Live Action

live action
Space Chimp Media wants to make sure you have engaging live video where your customers are watching and sharing videos on YouTube and Facebook. Our editing process includes overlays calling viewers to visit your preferred destination.

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Video Marketing

video marketing
Optimizing your videos meta data, description and title is just the start. Utilize the SCM rolodex to get your video in front of video personalities, reviewers, influencers and evangelist to increase organic viral distribution. Plus, guaranteed impressions through targeted media buys.

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Video Compels Online Customers to Take Action 50% better then Written Text

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Script Writing & Story Boarding
Our team of professional content writers consult with you about your business and needs. Once we have a good idea of the scope of the project our writers set out to storyboard and write the most compelling script possible. After the process is complete the script will be delivered to the client for review and revisions.

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Equipment and Technology
Space Chimp Media has access to all major video and set equipment on the market. All pricing for equipment is built into the overall cost for your project so there are never any hidden fees.

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Your video music score can set the entire tone of the video. Depending on your budget you can choose from stock music or have us produce an entirely original music score for your video. Either way, you will never need to worry about copyright infringement.

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Talent Scouting
Talent scouting can be very time consuming. Lean on our team to find the best talent for your video. Whether you're in need of celebrity talent or less expensive actors we got you covered.

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Marketing and Outreach
You have a shiny new video. It makes people, laugh, cry, and smile all at once. But how is anyone going to see it? Our team of marketing experts will ensure your video is seen via targeted ad buys, social sharing, and distribution to influencers in your industry. Its not rocket science but its not easy either. Let our rolodex work for you.

Space Chimp Media’s Production Process

As experts in Internet video, Space Chimp Media knows the type of video that sells. Our production team helps you prepare for your video shoot — whether at your facility or other remote location and then manages the process all the way through editing. You end up with your own, quality produced videos for whatever your needs may be at a fraction of the time and cost compared to video most other production companies. Our efficient, product-focused production model can deliver a high volume of videos per shooting day, maximizing your video investment.

Space Chimp Media Video Production provides all the components you need to make great Internet video. We offer an array of production features giving you the option to create the exact video you need to accomplish your Internet Marketing objectives.


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Captivate Your Customers and Increase Word-of-Mouth with an Easy to Share Video

Benefits of Online Video

  • Help to easily guide your customers through the decision process
  • Increase your website conversions by 50%
  • Increase the number of page 1 search rankings
  • Video drives consumer confidence
  • Consumers who watch video are more likely to buy
  • Build your brand with engaging web content
  • Create viral buzz with easy to share video