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Accelerate Growth through Buzz Marketing Campaigns

At Space Chimp Media, we know that being a market leader isnt about having the most press releases, or the most colorful brochures. Leading is all about influence, and we work with you to turn marketing services into profit-making strategies that get people talking about your brand.

Give Them Something to Talk About

Our efforts include everything from gauging marketplace perceptions to developing buzz marketing campaigns that include top-tier media coverage, engagement with social media, speaking opportunities, and other public relations activities.

Word-of-Mouth referrals are 500 times more effective than advertising. That’s why we feel that a creative buzz marketing strategy should be an integral part of every marketing campaign. We don’t just write press release. We create stories that people can talk about with friends and family. Whether its infographics, creative article seeding, or a viral campaign; we make sure people are talking about you.

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Interactive Advertising

Interactive Advertising

Sometimes simple text ads and banners just won’t do the trick. Your advertising campaign should be as vibrant and interactive as your product or service. Use our creative staff to create a compelling message and visuals that converts customers to life time advocates for your brand.

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PR Management

PR Management

The Space Chimp Media Public Relations Firm specializes in being an advocate for your brand. We reach out to influencers in our rolodex through email, phone Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to name a few. We do whatever it takes to get your message in front of the right people.

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Social Media

Social Media

Yesterdays TV commercial has been replaced by something much more powerful. Sites like Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter allow everyday people to interact with, influence, and impact potentially millions of others. And whether bad or good, news travels fast.

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Marketing Mad Scientist Concepts
Innovation in itself is buzzworthy. Leverage our staffs creativity and collaborative work environment to produce extra value for you company set to rocket boost your revenue. Our buzz marketing campaigns have increased revenue by 39% on average for our clients.

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Landing Pages and Microsites
Our team will create a message that people can talk about it and distribute it to the world. A buzz marketing campaign usually include graphics, video, or viral concept that can be put into a story that can be easily disseminated and talk about.

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Link Bait and infographics
Good PR outreach is more than just writing press releases. Journalists are bombarded by thousand of stories everyday. That's why its important that we help you stand out from the crowd and get industry leaders to notice you with creative graphics and stories. Each link bait creative is followed up with a distribution strategy.

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Press Release Writing and Distribution
Our press release writers know how to write press releases that clearly convey your story. We are well versed in strong title writing, seo best practices, and creative writing to ensure you get the most out of every release. Further we leverage our PR database of 1.4 million journalists to ensure your press release gets in the right hands.

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Consulting and Campaign Strategy
Do you have an in house PR team but simply not a fresh outlook or quick shot of creativity to get the dialogue about your brand moving again. Hire Space Chimp Media to take your in-house team to the next level. Whether your an enterprise or new startup we know what strategies are right for you.

Define Your Message

We work with your internal marketing or executive department to learn your goals and objectives. We then immerse ourselves in your company. We use your products, we talk to your customers and we ask alot of questions. I mean, alot of questions!

Design Comps

We then build out numerous design comps with visual mockups, 3D modeling, and physical displays depending on the concepts involved. This allows you to experience the campaign first hand before we even launch.


Upon approval from you we start working like good little elves. In no time we are ready to launch your campaign. Depending on the scope we will document the entire process for post marketing PR outreach.


Without some type of conversion the campaign is worthless. Within every campaign we build in trackable actions which we can monitor and derive insights into the campaign, your customers and the reach you achieved.

Need it in a hurry? We can turn around a traditional PR campaign in less than 72 hours.

  1. Overview Meeting
  2. Create Message
  3. Refine
  4. Strategy Development
  5. Deployment
  6. Outreach
  7. Monitoring
  8. Optimization

To learn more, visit our campaign roll-out process page.

The bottom line for us is the bottom line for you.

Word-of-mouth marketing works well because of attention. When people talk to each other, they’ve got undivided, face-to-face attention—something conventional advertising rarely achieves.


  • Drive 39% more revenue
  • Drive Revenue further on the same spend
  • Experience driving millions in online revenue
  • Pushing limits of marketing + technology