Branding and Logo Design

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Great branding makes selling easier.

We know that the success of a brand relies on more than the idea of the products or services behind it. Your brand should identify with the culture of your customers by meeting people where they are, greeting them with emotion and surprise like a friend someone they can trust. Your brand should grab people captivate them shake them up a little and get them to take notice, because after all, we live in a culture where not only do you need to grab the publics attention, but keep it.

Not only do we have you covered when it comes to brand design and marketing, we cover every step from concept through delivery. You need likeable people showcasing your brand to the public. You need a friend in the branding business. Our team of experts and account managers got you covered.

What you bring to the table:

  • Passion.
  • A commitment to excellence.
  • A belief that you and your organization are not bound by the past.


What we bring to the table:

  • The missing ingredient.
  • A tight team of professionals with diverse skills and experience delivering solutions.
  • Design Thinking: a creative, solutions-oriented framework for solving problems and removing obstacles to growth.
  • Our own passion for your success.

Service Features

Logo Design
Understanding your company is half the battle. We must first immerse ourselves in your company, its culture, and the challenges you are facing before we can think about the design process. Each logo design includes explanations, multiple usage examples, and color variations.

Business Cards & Stationary
Business cards and stationary are often times equally important as your logo. These are often times collateral that is left with end users over time. Its important that these assets stand out. You don’t want your customers throwing this stuff away you want them to hang it on their wall like a piece of art to remind of the value your company brings to their lives.

Packaging Design
Perception is everything. Often times your product packaging is the first contact your customers have with your product. Our designers create 3D models of your packaging so you can almost reach out and touch it. Our services include planning, design, and delivery of all graphic assets for manufacturing.

Event Branding
Stand out from the crowd with buzz worthy graphics and messaging. We design banners, booth concepts magnetic booth graphics and more. If you can dream it up we can design it and print it. All design collateral is shipped directly to you or the event location.

Social Media Assets
A unified brand is imperative to distributing a consistent message to your customers. Often times your social media channels such as facebook, twitter, and youtube are overlooked. Get unique custom profile designs at an affordable price.

Our Process

Brand Immersion
Step one is to become eerily familiar with your company, your challenges and your customers. We provide design questionnaires and discovery calls to get you thinking about your company in ways that you may have never done before.

Once we feel confident as to how we can accomplish your goals and objectives and the scope of the entire project we put in place a design project calendar. You can stay up to date with this project or any other projects managed by Space Chimp Media in our customer client center.

As your designer is working on your project your account manager will continue to keep you up to date and notify you of any adjustments to your project calendar if any. All design projects include a limited by thorough revision process to ensure we meet your design needs.

We Seek to Accomplish:

  1. Quick Turnaround
  2. Astonishing Design
  3. User Friendly Experience
  4. Lasting Impressions

Upon delivery you will receive all core design assets. Space Chimp Media is committed to quality work and quick turnarounds for our clients.


Great Branding Establishes Your Market Position and Creates a Memorable Experience for Your Customers

The benefits of creating a great brand:

  1. More return customers
  2. Increase in word of mouth referrals
  3. Lower marketing expenses
  4. Greater brand loyalty
  5. Strong pricing position