Austin Digital Marketing and Design Agency

Specializing in high impact creative digital marketing campaigns

Why We Are Different Than Other Companies

Gurus. Artists. Mad scientists. Innovators. Weve heard them all, but our favorite has got to be Go-To Guys. When it comes to our businesses or our clients, we take immense pride in being idea makers, implementers, and support team for their digital needs.

Launching a successful business (and keeping it successful) isnt as much an art as it is a science, and the dedicated team at Space Chimp Media have got the solutions you need to grow. Space Chimp Medias custom approach to digital marketing and years of experience is your ticket to driving buzz, increased traffic, improved conversion rates, and higher ROI for you and your business.

Space Chimp Media takes pride in being a one-stop shop for companies conducting business online. Were not just a design firm, or online marketing agency. Were a creative digital agency whose most valuable asset is our people.

What We Do

Space Chimp Media is a creative integrated digital marketing and design agency based in Austin, Texas. SCM and its brands specialize in generating buzz and enhancing brands for businesses online.

Our online business efforts are driven by four core principles:

  • Conversions and click-throughs dont buy your products or services – people do!
  • ROI is the most important metric to measure when determining success.
  • If you cant figure it out, they wont either.
  • Common sense ideas are often the most innovative and creative.

Who We Are

Led by motivated entrepreneur, Charles Haggas, the Space Chimp Media team is an uber-creative, close-knit group of real people who happen to be marketing experts. Here are just a few of the areas where we excel:

All the members of our team are driven by the same passion that drives the company: meet the needs of your clients and customers, and ultimately you will meet the needs of your business.

How Did you Come Up with The Name

The name Space Chimp Media was dreamt up with former co-founders in a small office, as many companies names are. We needed a name that could be brandable, memorable, and was as creative as our teams ideas. We wanted a name that everyone would talk about and would never forget. We wanted to prove to our clients in less than 5 seconds that we are the #1 company for driving buzz and word-of-mouth online. Learn more about the history of the Space Chimp Name.